“Since November, I’ve been working out with a trainer at goPerformance and have truly enjoyed the experience. Even though I’m only a few pounds away from my weight and body fat percentage goals, my body is in the best shape it’s ever been. Being accountable to my appointments with my trainer is key for me. I’ve always been a self-starter, but sticking with something long-term is not one of my strong points because I get bored easily. My trainer has structured the workouts so that no two sessions have been the same the entire time, and that has kept my interest level high! Unlike other facilities I’ve tried, I feel that the GO team truly understands how muscle groups work together and how to get the most out of your workout in the shortest amount of time.”

* Result may vary as per each individual

— Sally H.


“I’ve lost 40lbs, added strength, flexibility, and more endurance...Since joining, I’ve always felt the staff at goPerformance & Fitness is interested in seeing me reach my fitness goals. I don’t think I could have achieved the same fitness results as fast as I did at any other gym. I have lost close to 40 pounds and gained considerable improvements in my flexibility, strength and endurance. I can always count on my trainer for nutritional information and advice on making the most of my time in the gym. My trainer has a great attitude and he always makes training fun!”

* Result may vary as per each individual

— Brian G.


“I have been a member of several different health clubs over the last 30 years. I started at goPerformance with a fitness trainer about 11 months ago. The training has put me in great overall physical condition. I have greater physical strength than I’ve had in years and a number of minor pains, primarily in my back and knees have gone away completely. My last scuba diving trip was greatly enhanced by the additional strength and stamina I have developed since working with a trainer at goPerformance.

Also, my younger brother and I got together awhile back, after not seeing each other for several years. The first thing he said when we met was, “You look really healthy.” He remarked on it several times. In 50 years he’s never said anything about my appearance.

I have found all of the staff at goPerformance to be knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. I have recommended them to a number of my friends.”

* Result may vary as per each individual

— Eric Z.